Triumph of Joy

"Your spirit is destined to shine. Within you lies a cosmos of promise, of possibilities and ideas waiting to ignite the true essence of you. Having lived in the shadow of fear, I know what it is to feel lost and alone. Reading “Triumph of Joy“ will enable you to travel safely through the darkness of fear into the freedom of love and joy. Rather than allowing our past to define us, we can choose to allow the past to be our teacher, yet live fully in the moment as we create a new reality based on love and gratitude. Self-healing gives us the wings to fly, as we soar upon life’s thermals." - Pauline Hosie Robinson


I had the honour of meeting Pauline through a mutual friend. “Triumph of Joy “ is a beautifully written, sincere and open-hearted account of a life filled with heartache and a soul determined to overcome that heartache. It was easy to read and inspiring on every level. But what moved me the most was that the person I'd spent the day with reflected none of the anguish I read about in those pages. Rather, her demeanor was one of happiness, hope, zest for life, and great wisdom. Her kind and upbeat energy was in stark contrast with the pain she had endured in her life, giving the title of her book, "Triumph of Joy" an undeniable authenticity. I am deeply grateful to Pauline that she was brave enough to be vulnerable and share her experiences with the world, enriching our lives and giving us renewed hope for our own inner healing.

- Frances Key


Glitch Movie

521600-14718600_1143128909074607_6730383568046660150_n    Pauline’s Podcast of Interview with Sheri Myers from the Glitch Movie


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