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Triumph of Joy is a beautiful and powerful book. Pauline Robinson writes about her life’s journey from a very young age and, as we travel with her, we plummet into depths of despair but joyfully celebrate her strength, courage and endurance as she learns how to love herself and deal with each challenge. Such is the power of the emotion of this book – it is well written and from the heart and teaches life’s lessons with wisdom in a simple and non-confronting way. Mainly, however, it emphasises the joy of living and loving, how each of our lives is a wonderful celebration despite enormous obstacles that help to make us who we are, and how we continue to learn throughout life. That is, we should appreciate the past, have a positive attitude so we can learn from the present, and have confidence in the future.

I would highly recommend Triumph of Joy as compulsory reading for young adults and older readers, especially those struggling with seemingly insurmountable family issues, depression and loss. Thank you, Pauline, for laying yourself bare - for your wisdom and insight, your loving thoughts, and your belief in the healing beauty of nature.

- Dr Carolyn Jeffery, co-author of NSW Biology, Macmillan Education, Australia.

This magical book is a wonderful read. Not only is it extremely well written but it is some of the most honest and truthful writing I have read in a long long time. It weaves the story of a life both full of love and pain and how this pain was overcome as she returns to the light of her soul. Nothing has been so cathartic and healing for me and has really touched my soul like this book. It is both inspirational and deeply moving. It weaves a story of far away lands and ancestry with bits of wisdom woven in as well. This book will help many people because of the authors ability to share the raw honesty of her life. It is truly a beautiful work that I will refer to again and again.

- Al Gonzalez

A Hero’s Journey There is something for everyone in "Triumph of Joy". An insightful must read for anyone wanting to understand more about life & wanting to move to the next level. Pauline bares her soul as she relates her hero's journey. A masterful story-teller.

- Denise Edelstein