Hope is the sunshine of the Soul

Pauline’s colourful teenage life in a Malay Kampong in Singapore shaped her future, and became the template for a life of love, adventure and wonder combined with intense pain and suffering. Exposed to eastern religions and the practice of meditation, chanting and yoga at an early age, Pauline felt different from others her age, yet her passion and love of life enabled her to enjoy the transient life.

As a military child and military wife, Pauline learnt the importance of living in the moment, of creating a welcoming home and making friends easily, aware that friendships may only last for a brief time. Married in Canberra at nineteen to a Duntroon cadet, Pauline realised immediately after he returned from Vietnam, that he was not the same young man. The shadow of her husband’s time in Vietnam continued to darken their lives until finally he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ultimately took his life.

Struggling to come to terms with years of emotional abuse and her husband’s death. Pauline met a Shaman who helped her reconnect to the joyous spirit that was her true nature. To heal herself Pauline realised she needed to take responsibility for her own pain and not allow the past to define her.  Pauline’s book “Triumph of Joy” is symbolic of the lotus flower, which blooms with such beauty from the depths of murky water.

On Speaking

A passionate speaker and accomplished Toastmaster, Pauline is available to speak with intimate or large events.

Sample topics for talks.

  1. The power of the human spirit to rise above life’s trials.
  2. The whole world is our mirror.
  3. The power of being true to “who you are” and allowing synchronicity to flow naturally in your life.
  4. Creating a new reality by letting go of old beliefs.
  5. Celebrating and honouring your uniqueness.
  6. Planting a seed of hope. “You are not alone!”


Barry S. Moore (Distinguished Toastmaster and qualified trainer – TAE and Grad Dip Adult Ed)
9 June 2015

Pauline Hosie - Recommendation and Introduction.

I have personally known Pauline for over 15 years. During that time it has been my pleasure attend her numerous seminars and educational workshops. The most recent workshop has been the “speak and shine” which was an excellent self development for communication and confidence building.

All of Pauline’s workshop’s have been very well prepared and informative. As a presenter she quickly develops a confident rapport with her students and works with them to allow their communication skills to be improved and self confidence to grow. She is always well aware of her students needs and works tirelessly to provide for them in the dynamic workshops she is facilitating.

Pauline has many skills as an accomplished Toastmaster in public speaking, book author and training organiser to name a few. Pauline’s personality is one of her greatest assets as she leads her group’s with confidence and yet you feel you are the only one present with this new friend. Pauline has a great affinity with Nature and the connectedness of all things. As a result her training methods are holistic and inclusive of the many aspects required for the successful conclusion and completion of the workshops objectives.

Should you be considering attending one of Pauline’s workshops, I can heartily recommend her to you. I have enjoyed reading her books and would suggest you seek them out for an enjoyable and encouraging read also.

Barry S. Moore - 0408 670 646


email: barrysmoore@hotmail.com